Wonga Park Community Cottage

Welcome (From Your Local Neighbourhood House)

Our philosophy is to provide a meeting place that encourages friendliness, support, opportunity and choice.  We endeavour to offer everyone a chance to grow and enrich their lives through our program’s activities. 

We would like to encourage all ages in our community to take two hours each week to participate in the many and varied recreational and leisure activities available.

Special Events and Updates

Our Term 3 program is now available, click onto COURSE GUIDE above to find a variety of new activities to temp you:- Special Event “Laugh Away The Winter Blues!” Comedian Tracy Bartram generates big laughs locally. A series of bespoke monthly Laughter Classes not to be missed. We also have a new BLEND program with lunch, speakers and activities on a fortnightly basis. Also new and exciting is Amanda Wright (Naturopath, Gut Health Specialist) workshop “3 Steps to Feeling Fabulous and Flourishing at 40 Plus” followed by her 4 week course “Discover How to Recharge Your Gut Health To Live Pain Free & Thrive”. Plus lots more……